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Bassenthwaite Village Circular

This is lovely 3 mile round walk to the village, through the woods – a great place for letting your dogs off as there is no livestock and then back the same way or over the fields in front of the site.

Once again it’s through the metal gate at the back of the site (by the beck) and across to meet the Cumbrian Way foot path. Turn left once you hit the path, over a little beck, and through the gate. Go over the next field and through the gate down a slight incline to a third gate. At this gate you simply turn left and follow the footpath to the small bridge.

Again keeping to the path that goes over the river and up to the road. Just go straight over the road, there is a signpost here so you know you’re on the right track, and then it’s straight up for a short, sharp climb through the woods until you reach the top.

At the top follow the left hand path this is a lovely stroll through the woods with some great views across to Dash Falls, Bakestall, and down to Bassenthwaite Lake. When you reach the bottom you will see another path through the woods, again winding upwards and to the left, take this fork off and it will take you through the woods to the village. The wood is home to red squirrels and it’s worth a stop sit and quite to try and spy some.

Always keep left and this path goes through the woods and then down again to the village. Once you hit the road again keep heading left and soon you will see the village beck and the Sun Inn pub.

Go over the bridge, pass the pub (or stop at the pub) and follow the road to the heart of the village and the village green.

Once there if you are going to head back over the fields – look for the Bus Stop and you will then see the footpath sign. This path will pass a few houses before you get onto the fields. You will see Kestrel Lodge in front of you about a mile away. Basically, keep going straight over 5 fields till you hit the Cumbrian Way and you can return to site the same way you left through the metal gate.

Be warned there are sometimes cows in the fields from the village. As this forms part of many walks they are quite used to people and they aren’t always there, but forewarned is forearmed, if you are not a lover of livestock on your walks.