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Binsey From Kestrel Lodge

A walk to the summit of Binsey 1467ft Approx 7.5 miles from Kestrel Lodge or 1.5 miles from the base, and another Wainwright bagged.

You can walk from the campsite or drive to the base of the fell, it can be made into a circular walk but that would involve some road stretches.

Go through the gate at the bottom north east corner of the camping field across the field to meet the Cumbrian Way, cross the small beck, over the stile and keep to the right hand fence of the field to the next gate. Drop down the field diagonally to the next gate which takes you to a small bridge which you cross, bare right and head for the road.

Cross the road and follow the Cumbrian way up the steep ascent to the top of the hill, keep right. Continue through the next gate where you will have views of Binsey to your left Great Cockup ahead and Dash Falls behind it. Follow this well defined path over the hill top to the first gate.

Turn left and follow the path along the side of the wall. Leave the Cumbrian way at the path cross roads and follow the footpath towards Overwater Hall Hotel and Over Water. Pass Overwater Hall Hotel to the road. This is a quiet road and you are now going to follow the road to a T junction. Keeping on the road turn right up the hill. Take your next left and you are now at the base of Binsey. (There is a large layby here for parking if you have chosen to drive to the base of the hill.)
You will see a sign post and gate go through this and follow the grassy path all the way to the top.

binsey cairnSummit cairn at the top of Binsey

To return either re-trace your route or for a circular walk...

From the summit cairn there is an alternative path down – this path is not as obvious and is a little steeper, though nothing too hazardous. You are basically heading straight down towards Fell End – head for the farm.

At Fell End simply cross the road looking for the footpath sign and head along this path towards High Bewaldeth, again cross a small road before heading straight along the footpath. This time the footpath hits busier B5291. Turn right along this road until you find the footpath. It is marked. Keep to this footpath until you hit the logger’s path in park wood you can then follow this all the way back to the Cumbrian way and re-trace your last few steps to Kestrel Lodge.

*If you choose to drive take the sign for Orthwaite past Overwater and take the Uldale/Cockermouth sign there is a small parking area at the base of Binsey.