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Cogra Moss


This is one of my secret places. Not many people seem to know about this place. It is a bit out of the way, but if you want a nice dog walk with a lovely little tarn, great forest, and somewhere off the beaten track that’s just a little bit different...then this is a great place to try.

Cogra Moss is accessed from a small car park at Felldyke, which is near Lamplugh between Lowswater and Ennerdale.

From the car park head up the small footpath just behind it, cross the road, head left, and you’ll see a gate and footpath sign. Walk through this gate and up the footpath/unadopted road, through the second gate, and down towards the tarn. Just before you get to the tarn, there is a footpath on the left over a bridge and along the side of the tarn. Once at the other side of the tarn you have 2 options; a longer route or shorter route.

The lower path (1 Hours Walk) takes you through the woods at the side of the tarn simply takes you around the tarn and back to where you started. This path is relatively easy to follow and straight-forward, though it’s not well maintained and can be muddy in wet weather. The last time I walked this path, there were a few trees you had to scramble over as they had been blown over in the last big storm and not yet cleared. They do block the path but it’s pretty easy to scramble over them as long as your pretty fit and able and the dogs just go straight under. (I’ll check next time I’m out there and update if they’ve been cleared.)

IMG 7554

The Higher Path (2 Hours Walk) is a much longer walk, but in no way difficult. On the whole, the paths are good and well-maintained forestry roads.

Follow the path up through the woods until you meet the forest track then turn right and follow it up. From there you’re deep in the wood, but this path just goes round the tarn on a higher track. Once you are at the far end of the tarn you need to look for the path that goes back down to the tarn, this path will follow the far side of the tarn, and back to your start point. This path is a steep path down, which is quite obvious, and is at the far corner of Corga Moss, it simply continues then around the tarn.

IMG 7543

Cogra Moss is used for fishing, and as such swimming or letting your dog swim is not really the done thing—unless there are no anglers about. The anglers aren’t happy if you let the dogs swim near them—apparently the dogs splashing tends to scare away the fish!