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Dodd Wood – The Long way around with summit (2.5 Hours)

Dodd Wood has lots of paths away from the usual marked trails provide some of my favourite walks, they are not a direct path to anywhere in particular but do provide some great views over Bassenthwaite Lake and on a good day with a fair wind, out to the Irish Sea.

Park in the car park and head up the path by the river behind the Tea Room, follow this path as it winds up towards the lower Osprey viewing point. Just before you get to the lower viewpoint take the wide upwards path that winds up towards the higher Osprey viewing point. The path is upward, but it’s not too steep. Out of the Osprey season, there is nothing denoting that it is the Osprey viewing point, basically you are passing a wooden bench and a hut just after an open gate.

Once you pass the hut, follow this main path gently upwards as it winds around the shoulder of the mountain towards the top. As you follow this path views open up towards Keswick, Derwent Water, and Borrowdale Valley beyond.

Follow this track until it turns around the mountain and begins to face back downwards and towards Bassenthwaite. There is a nice bench at this point to sit and take in the view and eat your sandwiches before heading down or going up the last bit of the hill to summit Dodd.

IMG 9600

Dodd is number 175 of the 214 Wainwrights Peaks. The top gives some stunning views and is well worth the extra 10 or 15 minutes’ worth of effort to get there.

If you summit, come back to this point, then carry on. If you don’t feel up to it today, then you can head straight down from here. The quieter route is the left-hand path down from here, but both the paths will basically take you straight down to the Tea Room.


If you want a slight detour on the way down, about halfway down you’ll see markers for the green and red routes, which will also take you down to the car park just a little longer way around.

Marked routes at Dodd Wood

There are 4 main marked trails at Dodd wood

Yellow Sandbed Gill Trail (1.5 Miles) 2 hours
Red Skill Beck Trail 1.5 Miles) 2 hours
Blue Douglas Fir trail (1 Mile) 1 Hour
Green Summit Trail (3 miles) 3 hours

All these are nice routes but tend to be busier as they are marked trails I would say that they don’t take as long as they say. I would actually ½ those estimates, although those with young kids may find they take longer.

You can just wander the trails around Dodd wood every now and then you will pass markers that you can follow back to the start.