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Dodd Wood – Short non-Summit (1 hour approx.)

Dodd Wood has lots of paths away from the usual marked trails provide some of my favourite walks, they are not a direct path to anywhere in particular but do provide some great views over Bassenthwaite Lake and on a good day with a fair wind, out to the Irish Sea.

Park in the car park and head up the path by the river behind the Tea Room, follow this path as it winds up towards the lower Osprey viewing point. Just before you get to the lower view point take the wide upwards path that winds up towards the higher Osprey viewing point. The path is upward, but it’s not too steep. Out of the Osprey season there is nothing denoting that it is the Osprey viewing point, basically you are passing a wooden bench and a hut just after an open gate.

Once you pass the Osprey viewing point, approximately 200m higher up from the hut, you will see a path on the left, take it. This path narrows and winds back around the mountain. Along this path you do pass a green marker that would take you to the summit of Dodd—though this is not my preferred way up and is generally a more popular path. I simply follow the path around the mountain until it meets the main path down.

At this point can make the walk a little longer by turning right and walking up to the red marker, follow this path down, and across the stream. When you meet the next path, turn left and it will take you all the way back to the car park, don’t turn off this path unless you want to follow the green or red route to the summit of Dodd.

IMG 9065

The other option to keep the walk short—it usually takes me 45 mins to an hour for this walk—is to turn left at the red marker and follow this path back to the stream and the car park below.