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Kestrel Lodge to Keswick (Via Dash falls, Skiddaw house, and Lattrigg)

This is a great walk along the Cumbrian Way on good paths, passed an impressive waterfall, Skiddaw House England’s highest’s youth hostel and old shooting lodge, before heading down into Keswick via a small Wainwright.

You can then sample the delights of Keswick before catching the bus from outside Booths back to Bassenthwaite.
Starting from the campsite go out of the metal gate at the top of the field cross this field to the far fence line and turn right, follow the hedge row over 3 fields towards Peter House Farm on the Cumbrian Way. Keep to the Cumbrian way until you hit the road, cross the road and go through the gate straight in front of you.

Follow this path as it winds slowly upwards through fields until you come to a small bridge and gate, go over the bridge and through the gate. The path steepens slightly and goes from road like to rocky, but it’s still a good path. You will see the falls in front of you as it winds up to the top of Dash falls. Go through another gate and over the stream just keep to the main path as it flattens out. In front of you in the distance you will see a white building, this is Skiddaw House, so just keep to the main path all the way there.

At Skiddaw House there is a crossroads in the path. For Keswick, you simply go straight. For the easiest path up Skiddaw, you’d turn right behind the house, this would take you over Skiddaw and Skiddaw Little Man to the same point you’re heading by keeping to the Cumbrian Way.

Go straight passed Skiddaw House and simply keep to the well-defined path that winds through the valley around the base of the mountain, don’t take any turning off this path just stay on it all the way around to the car park near the top of Lattrigg. Here you have a choice, at the gate there is a way straight down this will take you on a footpath to the base of Latrigg and across a footbridge over the A66. In order to get a great view of Keswick and down the valley to Borrowdale while bagging another Wainwright, I would suggest taking a small detour by turning left at the carpark through a small gate and follow the path to the top of Lattrigg. The views from the top of this relatively small fell across Keswick, Derwent, and beyond are absolutely fab. The best viewing spot has a bench there to rest any weary bones...or have your sandwiches.

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From the top, turn back on yourself and take the first grassy path, or other path you see, downwards. Just simply keep winding down towards, and then through, the woods. Keep to this path you go through 2 gates and across the bridge over the A66 before you then get to the road. Turn right on the road then left at the T junction and follow the road to town centre. The bus back goes from outside Booths Supermarket and is either the 73/73A or X4 (ask the driver for the A591 route and times.)

Get off the bus just after the church, ask the driver, they are usually really helpful. Walk back to the village, passed the school and parish rooms. At the green, take the footpath sign behind the notice board and bust stop. Go up the small lane through the fence and then follow the path across the fields up to Kestrel Lodge which you will soon see in front of you.