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Bassenthwaite Lake Winding Footpaths

A nice easy flat walk to the lake, but not direct, just under 5 Miles.

This walk takes different footpaths to get down to Bassenthwaite Lake which is approximately 2 miles away. You can choose a direct route on the roads, however if you want a nice walk crisscrossing the direct route then this is the walk for you.

View of Bassenthwaite water
Go out of the campsite at the metal gate at the top—by the beck, cross the field to the hedge and turn right. Go through a gate then turn right and walk straight down this field to the next gate. You just keep walking straight until you get to the village green. At the end of the village green turn right, just after the farm yard there is a footpath sign on the left hand side. Take this footpath follow the left hand fence till you see a stile, climb this and walk straight across the next field to the next stile. Cross the road over the stile and walk straight over the next two fields until you meet the next road turn right to the main road.

Cross the main road and you will see a footpath sign and gate just on the right hand side. Follow this footpath right across a number of fields until you get to a stream, follow the stream left, until you come to a cross road in the path. (straight takes you to the lake, right is on the Allerdale ramble to Armthwaite Hall, and left takes you to Scarness Bay and a walk around the lake). At this point you are turning left, this footpath rises up and will quickly bring you to a small road and enclave of cottages. Just after the cottages you will see the entrance to a Caravan Park. Straight after this entrance you will see another footpath sign which you will follow through the woods to the lakefront at Scarness Bay. There is a path you can follow along the lakeside to Bowness Bay.

For a quick route back – simply go back to the caravan park entrance and towards the houses, a footpath takes you right passed the new house through a gate and over onto the roadway. At the roadway turn left this will take you to the main A591. Cross the A591 and keep on this road passed the school and to the village green. From here simply re-trace your steps back to Kestrel lodge.

Otherwise - Keep on the lake footpath until it leaves the shore go over a small bridge and keep going until you meet the roadway. Turn left on the road for a few meters until you see another footpath on the right. Take this path over a number of fields and passed the buildings at Mire Side, just after these buildings you will meet the roadway. Turn right on the roadway until you get back to the A591.

Cross the A591 and retrace your footpath back to the village green and Kestrel Lodge Beyond. (There are two alternative ways to the Kestrel lodge), one is down the roadway the other is through Park Wood and involves going through the village passed the Sun Inn and over the bridge, turn left and then right up The Rake, after a few hundred meters you will see a footpath sign and gate on your right, take this path through the woods