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Loweswater and a wander through the woods

Lowseswater provides a surprising walk with a lovely little lake with some interesting information and a woodland waterfall.

To get to Loweswater from Kestrel Lodge is easy. Head towards the A66 in the Cockermouth direction and then turn right towards Cockermouth on the A66, after a mile or so there is a turning on your left signposted Buttermere and Lorton. Follow this road to a T junction turn right again signposted Buttermere and Lorton. Keep on this road to another T junction turn left again sign posted Buttermere and Lorton. Keep on this road through Lorton and keep going straight towards Loweswater. The road goes steeply downwards past a National Trust car park across the bridge and towards the Kirkstall Inn. Don’t turn towards the Inn instead keep to the main road as it twists and again steeply rises through the village of Lowseswater. At the top of this rise there is a turning on your left hand side to Maggies Bridge.

This is a small, free parking area perfectly situated for this walk. Come out of the Car Park and head over the cattle grid towards the lake. Keep to this path passing the National Trust Farm and Boat House. There is information here on the blue/green algae and the ways the Trust are trying to combat this through natural means, it’s interesting and worth a read.

IMG 5179

Once passed the farm, follow the lakeside, go through the gate, and keep walking along the side of the lake. Walking through the woods the path splits keep to the lakeside fork, passed another boat house, and through the woods.

For this walk once at the end of the lake I took a higher path back in around the lake, there are lots of paths through the woods and I just took different paths passing a waterfall and other interesting features.

IMG 5181

This lake suffers from Blue green algae at times, so if it is infected with the algae, don’t let your dogs swim in the lake. This is also why we don’t advise swimming in this lake.

Meander through the woods and enjoy the peace, this area tends to be on the quite side even during the summer months. Take different paths to make the walk as long or short as you want. The highest path will take you along the woods edge (top side) away from the lake and is a way to make this a true circular walk coming back to Maggie’s Bridge via High Nook Farm.

If you want to take this more taxing route instead of turning back on yourself, at the end of the lake keep going on the path. Pass through a gate and the path rises towards Hudson Place, keep to the higher path when you come to a fork in the path. This path then winds back on itself coming back towards the lake and following the top edge of the wood. Once you leave the woods behind, the path winds down to the farm below and back to Maggie’s Bridge.

This car park can also be used to walk Loweswater Fell and Hen Comb, if you are looking for another fell to bag.

The woodland paths will eventually bring you back to the start of the lake and the boathouse, so once you’ve had enough just re-trace your steps back to the National Trust Farm and Car Park.

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