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High Rigg

High Rigg is another small Wainwright that can be tackled a number of ways. This is another small one that I tend to do as a morning or afternoon dog walk. A small family fell that is not too taxing and one that will also need bagging if you’re doing the 214.

To get to High Rigg from Kestrel Lodge simply head towards Keswick on the A591, once at the roundabout go onto the A66 (first exit) then come off the A66 at Low Briery to the A591 towards Windermere. You’re basically heading back towards Keswick just before the T junction where you turn to the A591 you will see a sign for “Castle Rigg Stone Circle”, which is worth a visit as you pass if you’re interested in pre-historic sites. But be aware...it’s another busy one, and popular with photographers at all times.

Drive passed the stone circle and Keswick outdoor centre at the bottom of the hill turn right and then first left, parking is on the verge just before or just after the bend. Once parked walk straight untill you see the footpath sign. Go through the gate and follow the path upwards.

This is an easy to follow, but it is a boggy path—we did do this in the middle of winter so it’s to be expected really—here you pass Tewet Tarn (also a lovely little swim stop). Keep walking passed the tarn and through a gate before climbing up the little rise. Follow the path downwards to the wall that has a small climb through. From here you can see St. Johns in the Vale and the small church and youth centre straight in front of you. Keep to the path towards the church. Once at the church turn right and then take the path straight behind the youth centre. The path goes straight up to the cairn at the top of High Rigg.

High Rigg and Dalehead 3

High Rigg is another of those small mountains that give great views for limited effort, fine family fells, within 25 minutes drive of Kestrel Lodge. Many people think that Catbells and Castle Cragg are the best small Wainwrights...and they are beautiful, no doubt about it. But there are many small Wainwrights that are away from the crowds, are easier walks for the less fit, and the younger and older among us, who want to see great view and have “climbed” a Wainwright. As a guide this is about hour an a half’s walk for a semi-fit, slightly older lady!

High Rigg and Dalehead

Once at the top you can wander the paths along the undulating summit, that provides some spectacular views. Take your time, and once you’re ready, simply pick a grassy path down in the right direction and you’ll end up back at the church to re-trace your steps back to the car.