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Ling Fell and Sale Fell

This is an easy Wainwright, a nice family fell with great views and a lot quieter than the likes of Catbells. The start is a short drive from kestrel Lodge. I do this as a stand-alone because to do with others it involves a boggy field and long road walk. Alone it’s a lovely little walk on easy, grass paths that can take less than an hour or longer if you meander around the top looking at the views.

Ling Fell

To get to Ling Fell from Kestrel Lodge head towards the A66 in the Cockermouth direction, and go straight, at the dogs leg junction. This will take you on the road behind the Pheasant Inn.

Follow this road until you get to a cross roads at Wythop Mill, turn left and follow the road to a small car park. Once parked up turn back on yourself out of the car park, (basically Sale fell is to the left, Ling Fell to the right) cross the bridge, and up the small hill at the T junction turn right. Look for the gate, and start of the walk.

Go through the gate and follow the grassy path in front of you as it winds up the fell. Just keep to this path all the way to the top.

The top is marked and easily recognisable. From the top there are lots of options back down, up and down the same way is easiest, but if you like a circular route simply head along the top and follow this path as it winds down and back to the start of the walk.

Ling Fell2

Sale Fell

This is the fell you can see from Kestrel Lodge straight across Bassenthwaite Lake. It’s the one with trees on the lower slopes and an undulating top. If you are Wainwright bagging, then head back down to the car park and simply up the other side, or leave Sale Fell for another day.

From this car park head straight, the path winds slowly upwards before turning back on itself and continuing upwards against the wall. After about ½ a mile there is a choice, the path either winds around the foot of the mountain, or straight up you can’t miss the T junction in the path.

I wind around the base of the mountain and will come back down to the higher path to this “junction”. By taking the lower path you lengthen the walk but also do the full circuit of the top and take in views across Bassenthwaite lake towards the Skiddaw Massif, and down towards Keswick, and beyond.

To get to the top you simply keep following this path straight it winds down a little before slowly climbing around the mountain. As you turn the corner you follow the line of a spring to a gate, through the gate, across the spring, and keep following the path upwards to the plateau. This is a large top to walk around before going through another gate, and climbing to the summit of sale fell.

Map Sale

Once there again keep heading straight and you will meet your original path at the “junction” wall.