Open Water Swimming

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Open Water Swimming

Buttermere Wild Swim

Butteremere is a popular wild swimming spot; it is a lovely lake in a beautiful valley with little or no boats to worry the swimmer.

Entry points from car parking spots though, are limited.

End to End

For those that wish to do the 3 mile trip end to end your best bet is to park in the large car park behind the Bridge Hotel. If you park here it is then a short walk to the lake shore and a good entry point. There are no Islands, no buoys, or any markers in the lake itself, but you can see the end clearly from the water ,so just swim straight whichever way you like.

Across and Back

There is limited parking at Butteremere and less still near the lake itself. There are a few lay-by parking spots about half way down that provide good access, however in summer they’re almost impossible to get. The width of Butteremere is ¾ of a mile, so across and back would be a nice mile and a half’s swim.

Alternatively. if you want a walk and swim there are a few access points at the far side of the lake off the footpath.

My final entry point would be near the campsite about half way down. There are also a couple of rowing boats that you can hire from the campsite reception too so if you have a non swimmer with you and feel better with a pilot boat beside you, this is a great option. There are also a few hiding places for your stuff here if you don’t have a dry swim bag or stuff-sitters with you!