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Open Water Swimming

Crummock Water Wild Swim

Located next to Butteremere this is a great swimming lake and can be very quite. Entry spots are limited and you usually need a little walk to access the lake with a few exceptions.

This lake has no traffic on it at all so it’s a good swim lake. The lake is quite deep at 42m at its deepest point and as such can be one of the colder lakes as it takes more time to warn up.

End to End

For those that wish to do the 5 mile trip end to end your best bet is to park in the large car park behind the Bridge Hotel. If you park here it is then a short walk to the lake shore and a good entry point. There is a path that runs along the river and this takes you to the shore.

There are a few small Islands at this end of the lake and by Islands in this case what I really mean are a few little rocks pointing out of the water.

If you want to swim the whole 2.5 mile length then it’s just straight and there are very few land marks once you pass the Islands (rocks) apart from the large rocky crag which is approximately 1/3 of the way down. This is called Low Ling Crag

Alternatively – if you want a walk and swim there are a few access points at the far side of the lake off the footpath.

Final option for the end to end is to park at the small car park at the far end of Crummock water (furthest away from Butteremere). This is just near Lanthwite Green Farm, and there is a path down through the woods to the lake shore where you will again find access points to do the end to end.

Low Ling Crag

From the Butteremere end to Low Ling Crag is, in my guestimate, about ¾ of a mile – so end to here and back is a nice mile and a half swim. Entry point as above and the crag is a large obvious point along the shore line of the lake.

Across the Middle

There are a few lay-bys and small car parks off the B5289 which runs the length of Crummock Water. The first lay-by, just out of Butteremere village, provides very easy access to the lake shore that is literally a few hundred meters away from where you can park. Limited and free parking makes this popular but it’s a good one to try for.

A few minutes further down is the National Trust Car Park at Rannerdale Knotts and if this is full there are 2 more just a few hundred meters further down. From any of these car parks there is access to the lake shore via a footpaths or from the road.

The width is 0.6 miles at its widest so this width swim would give you just over a mile, a great little training swim.

You can pick any spot on the opposite side and just go for it but I like to head to the crag and back as this provides a great spot to head for as I’m very good at swimming in zigzags otherwise.