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Open Water Swimming

Drewent Water Wild Swimming

Derwent Water offers a lot of access points for Wild Swimming. With a footpath around a lot of the lake you can pretty take your pick.

Derwent is a popular lake and as such it has a lot of lake traffic, so for safety we highly recommended that anyone swimming in Derwent has a chill swim float (or the equivalent). This is so you can be easily spottable from the launches and by the boats that use the Lake.

Every year Keswick Mountain Festival hosts x2 swim events as well as triathlons, and I can personally recommend a swim on Derwent.

Around the Derwent Isle

Park at the car park by Crows Park and the Theatre by the Lake; this provides easy access to the water from the park just opposite the Theatre. This is the access point for the mountain festival swims so good to practice if you fancy joining us one of these years.

As you enter the water you can’t miss the Island in front of you. (Derwent Island) This is the only inhabited Island on Derwent water and is owned by the National Trust, but rented to a private family. The Family have to open the Island to the public every year and this is the only time you can visit the Island.

The swim here is either once around the Island 1500m or twice around for a 3km dip. Simply head out towards the Island keep left and swim around the perimeter before heading back to your start point. Easy.

End to End

You could start the end to end at the same point as the round the Island start point to head down the length, but personally I would go around the other side and start at Derwent Marina or more likely Nichols End. Both of these points are stops for the Keswick Launch, however it is still preferable for me to the other side.

Dewent Water end to end is 2.9 Miles if you start at either of the above points and head down to either Brandelhow Bay or Great Bay at the very end. So you’re looking at roughly 5 miles as a round trip.

I always prefer to stay closer to shore than the middle of the lake, but this is a personal preference. From Nichol End you’ll pass the small Lingholm Islands before heading passed the wooded shore line towards St Herberts Island. Once clear of this it’s straight on to the end. If you are heading to Great Bay it’s really quite reedy and very difficult to find a definitive end. However, there is a headland at the entrance of the bay that you can use as your turn point.

Always be aware of lake traffic and the Keswick Launch when swimming Derwent Water but as a short fat shallow lake in Keswick it is a popular swimming spot.

Dewent Water – Brandel How Point

Derwent Water is just over a mile 1.1 Miles wide at its longest point

Across The Lake

Dewent Water is 1.1 Miles across at its widest part. My pick across is Brandlehow Park also known as Withersike Bay and across to Barrow Bay or vice versa, as there is parking at Barrow Bay just off the B5289 Keswick to Borrowdale road. If you get as far as the Lordor Hotel you have gone too far.

With this swim it’s just follow your nose and keep an eye out for the boats. I’d say 2 miles round trip.

Again lots more places to swim try the above are just a few guidelines to get you started.