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Open Water Swimming

Langastrath Valley and Black Moss Pot

This one’s a fun one; a dip and adventure rather than a training swim.

Blackmoss Pot is a renowned Wild Swimming and picturesque picnic spot. It is a trek to get there, but a lovely walk in a really beautiful valley. The Langastrath Valley has been made famous as it is in the title credits of Countryfile and it really is a gorgeous and peaceful place.

To get there you need to drive to the Borrowdale Valley and either the village of Rosthwaite or Stonethwaite. There is far more parking at Rosthwaite with a National Trust Car park, the village hall next to that, or the Hotel. In summer you may struggle with parking as it’s a popular start point for a lot of walks.

From Rosthwaite cross the road and take the side road towards Hazel Bank Hostel. Once across the bridge you will see a footpath on your right, this is the Cumbrian way and follows the river up the valley.

Follow this path for about 2 miles until you come to a junction of 2 rivers, this point is called Smithymire Island. You are crossing the river here and it is at this point you meet the Langastrath Valley. Keep to the Cumbrian Way and just follow the river.

At this point there are a number of pools and areas to take a drip or you can continue up the valley following the river until you get to Black Moss Pot.

There are lots of swimming spots along the Langastrath Beck so take your picnic and spend the day playing in the water.