Meet The Family - Part 1

Louise and I have spent the last seven years running an Independent Hostel and Campsite on the North Norfolk Coast (well, that’s what we think, but apparently it was really all Merlin, even though she’s only five).

louise and andrea

At the top of Lattrigg with Derwent Water and Catbells in the background.

(From left to right: Andrea, Merlin, Jazz, and Louise.)

Whilst the beach and the big, open skies of Norfolk certainly have their charms, it just doesn’t compare to the pull of the Lakes and Mountains for us and we were just up here at any given opportunity. We always had. Family holiday’s as kids, camping trips, then wild camping trips. Swimming in the lakes, cycling the passes. We just couldn’t get enough. That’s why we started to look for somewhere in the Lake District to live.

When we saw Kestrel Lodge, we immediately saw the potential for it to be not only our home, but home for all our family, and a place where people could come and stay and enjoy it all with us. We just had to convince the rest of the family! Fortunately, that wasn’t too hard as they all loved it too.

Now we have the privilege of calling Bassenthwaite home and work is well underway for the grand opening at the May Day Bank holiday this year. I’ve put in an order for a little sunshine—I thought asking for a little might make it more likely—so we’ll see what happens.

Now all we need to do is convince Merlin that she isn’t a Personal Fell Top Tour Guide (her choice of job title) to everyone who comes to visit, and it’ll all be good…


Merlin camping at Innominate Tarn on top of Haystacks