New Arrivals!!!

I'm not old enough to be a Grandma!!!!!

On the 30th of June one of our hens turned up after having been missing for a little while. The little minx only had a whole bunch of little chicks hiding under wings to stop the crows from getting them. Bless her, she was doing a great job protecting them. When we got there, there were half a dozen crows in the tree and circling overhead, the cats (who have just gotten there hunting claws) where stalking towards her, and Gabe--the big, beautiful oaf--seemed to think it was a game of tag or something. But Mama Hen was squatting over her brood and squaking and clucking at all the threats.

30.6.22 Chicks

The chicks and one proud Mama Hen on the 30th of June

A quick trip inside for the cat basket, while one us helped her to stand guard, and then we started to load them all into the plastic cage of safety. It was covered in hen crap in seconds. At first the squirming, little things were hiding under and around their mum so much we thought there were 9 of them when we transfered them to the old rabbit hutch so we could make repairs on what would become the "nursery coop" until they get big enough to join the rest of the flock.

But oh no...TEN. There are TEN of these little bundles of cuteness running around the “nursery” coop.

                                22.7 chicks 1   22.7 chicks 2

This is them at about three weeks old. They're growing like weeds and eating us out of house and home!


They’re all growing well, and getting bigger every day, and I’m sure they’ll be out and running around the campsite with the rest of the flock before the end of the summer, though I'm not sure they'll be able to go into the other hen house...there might be too many of them!

We're just hoping they're not all rooster's. We've already got two of those at Kestrel Lodge Campsite...


...and we don't know which one's the Daddy!