Long Valley Yurts coming to Kestrel Lodge...a bit later now.

2020 was due to be a big year at Kestrel Lodge with arrival of glamping and 3 new Yurts.

As many of you know we used to have a campsite in Norfolk where we had a lot of glamping with Yurts, Tipis, and Shepherds Huts. Planning rules and regulations in the Lake District mean that what we can and can’t do differs here in the lakes to keep it as unspoilt as possible but as a Yurt is a tent it’s been agreed this year that we can put them on site. So we teamed up with Long Valley Yurts who have Yurts on sites all around the Lake District to bring a touch of glamour to Kestrel Lodge and we are very excited about it.

We have many people stay who have non camping friends, family or parents, and Yurts will allow them an option to stay on our peaceful site, they also mean that if you fancy coming when it's colder or for that special occasion then we have an option for you too. So, check out our Yurts for a special stay once we have re-opened and we are all allowed out into the world again.

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