Lockdown Ponderings

We’re pretty damn lucky. We do know this. We live in such a lovely area, that, like everyone else, we tend to take the immediate area of Bassenthwaite for granted a little.

We always walk the mountains, Wainwright, fells, Lakeshore paths and don’t really explore the local footpaths.

With Lockdown, now we can only walk from the door and walking the mountains isn’t really an option. So, we’re discovering a whole new set of walks in and around Bassenthwaite and Kestrel Lodge Campsite. There are a lot of hidden gems, footpaths very few people go along as they don’t really go anywhere that most tourists want to go. They don’t go up a Wainwright or around a lake, but they offer something else, a more hidden lake district where you can wander past forgotten farmhouses, small brooks and hidden lanes that show the history and development of the landscape, and in a way the people.

The Ordnance Survey Map shows all these paths and I love to look at them and plan routes to see where these paths can meet each other so you can walk from one to another and enjoy the peace and tranquillity around you. So while you’re at home and looking for something to do during lockdown, why not brush up on your map reading skills and plan a few routes for when lockdown is over and you can return. The Ordnance Survey website has some great information on how to do this. Or you could just ask me, after all I love to chat about all the walks me and the woofs have done; to share the beauty of the area and the hidden spots away from usual walks.

Can you spot Kestrel Lodge in the background?

IMG 1802