More of our winter escapades and entertainment. Banff. Yay!.... But, no. It's not another winter holiday in the gloriously gorgeous Canadian Ski resort, this is the wonderfully exciting, informative, and inspirational Banff Mountain Film festival held at Keswick Theatre by the Lake.

I know, I know, not quite as exciting as carving your way down a mountain of pristine powder with the sun shining and the wind in your face, the Banff Mountain Film festival is about so much more than it sounds. When I first heard the name I thought it was all going to be skiing, snowboarding, adrenaline junkies, doing things that make my eyeballs squeal and my unmentionables do...unmentionables. It’s just not the case.

The festival itself is touring not just the UK but internationally and a selection of short films is made up of two programs—a red and a blue program—shown on different nights. You can go to either, or both, depending on how hardcore you want to be, or which of the short films take your fancy. Since this was my first Banff, I can’t really comment on previous years other than to tell you I’ve gotten reliable feedback that this year was a normal set up and a good example of how it usually goes.
So what actually was it?

Short documentary films on adventures, high adrenaline sports, or inspirational people—sometimes all three at once—to inspire, educate, and sometimes introduce people to sports and activities or places they may not have known about before. Like Leo Houlding and his expedition to climb the most remote summit in the world—Spectre on Antarctica. A mountain, so remote they had to kite ski for more than 1,000 miles hauling paulk’s weighing more than 200Kg’s over crevasse strewn ice fields. Or Nina Williams who specialises in highball bouldering—something I hadn’t heard of before. The Frenchy—a Colorado-based French ski racer, downhill mountain biker, road cyclist, and incorrigible flirt—who happens to be 41...each leg!

And these are just a few of my favourites from the blue program. There were several others that could have been in there, and I didn’t even get to see the red program.

If you do get the chance to see the Banff film festival at a venue near you, I’d highly recommend it. If not, watch out for it coming back to Keswick next year.

Kestrel Lodge is an Ambassador for Theatre by the Lake and as such we can offer our guests a discount voucher for money off tickets. Please ask at reception or check out the back of your welcome information for more information