Winter Shenanigans!

People often ask what we do in winter, well, we do a lot of maintenance, but we also have our holidays too. And, of course, we do a lot of walking!

This year me and mum decided to go on a big birthday holiday, we won’t mention specific numbers, it’s enough to say that we’re adding more zero’s, and felt the need to do something big. So, where do people that live in the lakes go on holiday? NEPAL! Yep, we went to Keswick +10 and did a trek around the Everest region to Namche Bazzar and beyond. What a trek, and what an experience! We’re still shattered now!

IMG 4877

We honestly thought that living in the lakes and being regular “average” fell walkers this would be well within our capabilities if not on the easy side of things. Oh no. That was so not the case. The terrain itself was a hell of a challenge, add to that the altitude, poor food, lack of sleep, and the stresses of international flights straight into the hiking and it wasn’t a great combination to start off with. And we watched in awe as the amazing Sherpa people regularly walked past us with TVs, Fridges and other household goods on their backs making it look easy. The bridges were another challenge at first, but we did get used to them.

 IMG 4875

IMG 4879

The scenery was amazing and the couple of days we spent in Namche Bazzar were a highlight for me stepping in those famous climber’s shoes, the history of climbing and Everest everywhere gave you a lump in your throat. We flew in and out of Lukla, also known as, the world’s most dangerous airport, and the experiences just kept coming but the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the people, it really was an experience not to be missed for those who like a challenge.

IMG 4876

IMG 4880