Dodd Wood and Whinlatter

This winter I’ve been discovering new walks in old places and new ways to walk my favourite mountains.

I’ve always liked Dodd Wood and Winlatter but the parking prices have put me off making these a regular haunt. That was until I discovered the Forestry Commission Discovery Pass.

For just £20 for Dodd Wood and £40 for Whinlatter—unless there is a special deal which they sometimes have—you can park free for a whole year as well as getting great discounts like 15% in Cotswolds and Go Ape as well as many, many more.

discovery pass

So if you visit the lakes often, and would like to contribute to the forestry commission and the wonderful work they do, it actually makes a great buy. After all its £8 to park for the day in Whinlatter and £4.50 for 4 hours at Dodd Wood.

gabe and Merl Dodd