South Lakes Safari Zoo Day Out

Last weekend we were invited to go and see the folks and animals at the South Lakes Safari Zoo.

This attraction has suffered some bad press in the past but they have new owners and are keen to re-build their reputation, both locally with fellow tourism businesses and with the wider public. So being animal lovers and with the offer of petting and feeding lots of different animals me, Faye, and the Kids set off for our Grand Day Out.

It’s just under an hour and a half from Kestrel Lodge but you could also pass through Windermere, Bowness, Grasmere, or Coniston to combine it with other things for your very own Grand Day Out. 

  faye and lemur  chimp  faye and leopard  giraffe

We were very impressed with the Zoo, the staff were extremely knowledgeable and appeared to care about the animals, all of which appeared happy and well looked after. We got to see and feed lots of animals and learned so much about themlou and rhino.

Our highlight however was feeding the lemurs. We got so close to them and they were very friendly—with them climbing your legs and taking food out of your hands. It’s really was a good day out learning and supporting a local business that hopes to re-build its reputation.