Sometimes we get a day off, and as lovers of the Lake District and outdoor enthusiasts we tend to use that precious time go on an adventure, trying to find new things and new experiences.

This week we headed over to Eskdale.

Eskdale is one of those places that’s on the edge of the Lake District making it quite hard to get to and involves a drive over Hardknott Pass. A popular, if somewhat difficult drive, as its beautifully scenic and very much in the high hills. And once there, you can find a railway, a couple of pubs, lots of mountains to climb, and the Roman Fort at Hardknott. So there are a fair few things to see and do.

This time, we decided on an adventure to locate a swimming spot in Eskdale that we’d read about called Kail Pot; a series of pools and waterfalls for swimming.

IMG 2774

Once at the foot of Hardknott Pass, we parked up in a layby between the pass and the Woolpack Inn, and located the path with ease. Once you see the old phonebox, you can’t go wrong. The walk is easy, and after about 20 minutes on a well-defined path, we found the right spot.

IMG 2778

We were the only ones there, it’s fenced in so the dogs could be off the lead to swim with us, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves too.

IMG 2770

If your there and you fancy a longer walk Tongue pot is also worth a visit too, there are some jumps up there, but make sure you know where is safe before tackling them. Neither of these spots are as well-known as Black Moss Pot in Borrowdale—so they don’t get as busy, and it’s an easier walk to get to them…but you do have more of a drive from Kestrel Lodge to get there to begin with.

The Lake district is full of adventure and places to discover so pop on your backpack, put in your swimming stuff, and enjoy see what you can discover. You won’t be disappointed.

IMG 2767